Featured Collection

It's A Wrap

Nature's skins are infinitely beautiful and complex. From furs and scales to bark and feathers, we've got you covered.

Garden Delights

Revel in nature’s bounty and bring the outside in. From blossoming pinks to leafy greens and deep blue hues, these tables afford a garden view that you won’t have to attend to.

Going Places

Postcards on the table. Travel in time and relish vintage vistas of places we love.
Sent by: The New York Public Library, Public Domain.
Postage Paid by: The Detroit Publishing Company.

Nomadic Views

We roamed the world to find rich patterns filled with mystical geometries, Oriental ornaments, symbols and weaves. Adorn your space with the exotic.

Off the Wall

Earth and sand and stone. Chiseled and cut, painted and glazed, baked and etched. Indulge in tables of stone telling stories without the weight.

Under Your Feet

Tapestries of ochre, indigo, red madder, and green. Under your feet or on your table, fill your room with time worn fables.

Ann and I met in architecture school, where we bonded over design and aesthetics. Now, reuniting after 25 years, we discovered that some things never change. It's no surprise that LAMOU was born: for us and for you.
— Lena Georas, LAMOU Co-founder