Unbounded and Unfettered...

Wednesday, Apr 12 2017

...and unconventional. High Point's 2017 Trendwatch "Unbounded" is a perfect fit for LAMOU.

The High Point Market Trendwatch theme “Unbounded” for Ann and I was a perfect fit. We are both avid travelers and love to collect objects that tell stories from around the world; objects that can inspire a conversation and conjure up the excitement and romance of travel.

Our bohemian style is unconventional and artistic; it shows an “unbounded” boldness and the sophisticated eye of a traveler or collector. We love patterns and warm colors that are expressive and speak to diversity.

A container ship on the Aegean Sea offers inspiration for color and pattern on a LAMOU table.

It is fascinating to enter a home full of life, art, and culture, where furniture, paintings, textiles, wall coverings all come together to form scenes, in a spontaneous and complimentary way.

LAMOU's "Intertwined" from the Nomadic Views Collection 

The table that was chosen for Trend Watch 2017, Unbounded, is called “Over and Under,” which comes from LAMOU’s Nomadic Views Collection; a series of eight patterns from distant and exotic locations. The “Over and Under” table has an African woven mat pattern which is printed on a solid piece of Baltic birch. In fact, LAMOU is all about celebrating pattern, color and texture.

Wat Phra Temple in Bangkok decorated with fragments of pottery and ceramics.  And lots of them! Thinking outside of the design box, like LAMOU.  

At LAMOU, we embrace options for personal expression and choice through the unique process of printing on wood for table top design.

LAMOU is dedicated to a dynamic and innovative approach to design. As architects we understand the importance of a harmonious space and build our tables to complement and enhance any decor - traditional, contemporary or an eclectic mix.

At LAMOU we believe tables can encourage community. People gather round the table, dine together at the table, discuss and make decisions around the table and now they can express themselves with a table.  We encourage our growing network of design aficionados to embrace our message in their social media posts.  After designing your custom table on our website, you can join our community and share your inspired table using #mylamou on Instagram. In one short year we’ve become trendsetters and we are thrilled. Wait until you see the new silhouettes - you'll love them!

Come visit us at High Point Market, SAMS M-5037 and see our collections of beautifully printed wood tables. Choose from one of our patterns, or talk to us about creating your own collection of bohemian chic occasional tables.

Posted by Lena Georas, co-founder, LAMOU 

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