Being Adored and Adorned

Tuesday, Jan 17 2017

I love to look at jewelry when I travel.

There is nothing quite like a beautiful piece of jewelry.  What is it that sets our hearts racing when we see a stunning piece that we would love to own?  Jewelry is a small secret world of all that is precious, and delicate; handcrafted with love and made of the earth’s rare findings. Jewelry adorns the body and expresses the personality and the mood of the woman or man who wears it. It is a matter of taste, like all fashion.

When I travel to Greece, I am always impressed by the inspirational jewelry I find there. To come across a truly inspired designer or an unusual piece is a discovery, much like finding a great piece of art; even if you cannot afford it you can still covet it and file it away for a later date.

One of my favorite jewelers in Athens is Fanourakis. I find their designs inspiring, unusual and full of emotion. These gold silver and bejeweled miniatures from the world of nature are precious!!

Lina Fanourakis

Fanourakis was founded in 1860 in Crete, and is a family business.  For the past 30 years, Lina Fanourakis has been designing the entire collection, and she is an inspired master. I suggest you browse her collections and feast your eyes!

Folds and Diamonds Bracelet Lina Fanourakis

One other Greek designer whose work I truly love is Dolly Boucoyannis. I especially admire her use of stones and pebbles in combination with precious stones and metals, in her Stars on Sand Collection. Look at this lovely combination: a bracelet in gold, with a simple found pebble and a diamond.

And this unusual ring from her Whirling Wires Collection is gold and tourmaline.

A trip to Athens always includes many visits to the gallery of my dear friends Mania and Patrick who own Patrick Fabre In their beautiful gallery one can find exquisite antique Indian Jewelry, as well as antique textiles and unique objet d’art. Mania and Patrick own one of the most elegant collections of ethnographic objects I have seen, and they are both experts on the collections they house. Every time I am there, I linger over the jewelry from India.

 Gold Earrings with rubies and pearls in the Mongol Style


Gold Necklace from South India, Karnakat

I hope this has given you a window into beautiful objects you have never seen before. And since we are on the topic of women and ornament, I cannot help thinking about our very own “All Dressed Up” Collection, lovingly made by LAMOU. Look at the finery on these beauties, titled “Damsels in Dress”.









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