The Nostalgia Collection

This collection brings together Kristina’s photographs of some of her favorite places – places that strongly evoke memories and feelings. The architecturally stunning dome of Milan’s Galleria, the colorful jumble of boats in the Basque Country, the flipped perspective of reflections in an Amsterdam canal, the perfect lines of a lonely zebra, blossoming poppies on the waterfront in born-again Hiroshima, a fiery symphony of colors during the Canadian autumn, an abstract detail of a historical railway factory, and perfectly imperfect cobblestone streets as the winter layer melts away -- the collection captures different cultures and styles, and brings a piece of the world home to you.

  • Autumn Leaves

  • Cobblestone

  • Converging Boats

  • Impressionistic Amsterdam

  • In Galleria

  • Lincoln Park

  • New Life in Hiroshima

  • Technopole

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Autumn Leaves

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Veni Etiam is a Latin phrase meaning 'Return again'. Each time you return to a place, you discover something new. No place is ever the same (and neither are you), and this is at once beautiful and tragic.
— Kristina Kasparian, Veni Etiam Photography