Meet the Founders

Behind the scenes at LAMOU

As architects and designers for over 25 years, we've spent our careers helping people find and express their tastes, styles and spirit. Today we're pleased to do this through beautiful, one-of-a kind furniture made for you. By you and LAMOU.

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Tables are at the center of our living and working spaces. We gather around the table, bring things to the table, turn the tables: shouldn't tables reflect our spirit and personality? I think so.
— Ann F. Clark, LAMOU co-founder.


Ann Clark

Aesthetics and beauty have been important to me ever since I was a child. It's why, as an architect in Chicago, I dedicated myself to making beautiful spaces for my clients, my community and my family. Now in Providence, RI, a world-class center of design, Lena and I are concentrating on furnishings that enrich our environments, empowering more people to fill their world with beautiful, affordable, and original furniture.
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Lena Georas

After studying architecture in the U.S., I lived in Athens, Greece, where I immersed myself in designing spaces, furniture and objects, as well as teaching and painting. I believe everyone is creative, and that no one should be limited to off-the-shelf choices when it comes to something as personal as home design. That's why Ann and I started LAMOU.
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